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Hi, I’m Matt Crump

“I help people overcome their BIGGEST life obstacles so they can REGAIN their freedom and RECLAIM purpose to CREATE a meaningful life. "

You’re the hero of the story, yep...YOU! You may not feel like it, but it’s your story! Through a few simple tools, the pain, confusion, lack and negativity will be destroyed and your #1 goal becomes a reality. It’s time to flip the script on your life, the story doesn’t change.. it’s just real good! Now…Let’s win!

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Whether an individual or business, Matt’s heart and hope is to help you overcome your biggest obstacles. Feel free to reach out on our contact page or look into Matt’s Coaching Program•THE FLIP and other resources available here on the site.


You can change that and I can show you how. #TheFlip

What I mean is, you really want to express yourself better, you really want more out of life and/or you really feel misunderstood. It’s almost like you really want to use your shower voice out in public just one time…not to prove to everyone else you can sing, but to prove it to yourself you’re not afraid to do it?

You can make a dream a reality! It can be hard to believe sometimes, I get it, but, if you don’t believe it, it will never happen!! You have everything you will ever need already inside of you and I’d like to show you how!


You’ll find so many resources and a ton of information by visiting any of the 4 areas above as well as the site menu at the top of the page.

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Whether you are a venue, event planner or interested in coaching programs with Matt and Matt Crump Ministries, please use the link to the right to book a time with him and you will be contacted promptly.

You may also contact us at community@godsgotthis.love or our ministry line at 910-228-0459