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Matt Crump

Founder Matt Crump Ministries Inc and #GodsGotThis

Matt's Story

#GodsGotThis started as one man's quest for hope in what seemed to be a hopeless situation. Matt Crump was diagnosed with Melanoma cancer in 2011 and after 2 surgeries removing large areas on his back and some lymph nodes, he was pronounced cancer free!! Then...

In 2015, while leading worship at church, Matt began coughing up blood.  After going to a local urgent care he was treated for pneumonia.  One week after the symptoms did not disappear, he visited his friend who was a PA at the clinic when he said what no one wants to hear... "Matt.. I think you need to call Duke back."  His hunch was correct, the cancer was back, only this time, Matt was at Stage 4 cancer. A tumor in his lung and a tumor in his adrenal gland was found......





Matt was quickly put into a treatment called Immunotherapy. 2 months after treatment started, Matt came home one evening and gathered in the bedroom with his wife Robin and two children, Mikayla and Gehrum for their evening talk and prayer.. The only problem is Matt didn't remember any of it.  The next day he began getting headaches and another time where he blacked out.  After being advised to go to the emergency room by his Duke doctors, they found a bleeding tumor on his brain and in 48 hours he was on an operating table for brain surgery.  Matt has since been through other treatment plans, clinical trials and radiation, all of which still did not get all the remaining tumors.

Matt and Robin decided and agreed with his oncologist against a toxic combination drug to try to get the remaining 3 areas around his adrenal gland that are always threatening to his life. This was a treatment option where the odds are not very good. Still, this cancer can violently spread through his body and take his life easily. Now the wild place is finding yourself in a situation where the next available treatment itself can harm your body.

Matt's friend Barry, introduced the quote "God's Got This" to him one day in a car ride which really stuck and he has been using #GodsGotThis as more than just a phrase or an encouraging word ever since.  It is a beacon of hope.  It's also a challenge to abandon his ways or thoughts and trust that if God said He will fight for you... HE WILL!

#GodsGotThis movement is a place of commitment, challenge, encouragement and hope. It's a place in your heart, your gut and your very soul that says even if all odds are against me, I will FOREVER trust and believe...